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It couldn’t be easier - just use your humour, imagination and creativity

1. Create

This could be a video, a photo, messages of support - anything that spreads positivity and thanks. The only rule is, make it blue.

2. Upload

Just add our hashtag #MakeItBlue when uploading to your social channels.

3. Share

Help spread the message further - just nominate your friends, team-mates, and family to get involved too. We think our NHS and frontline workers are amazing, let’s make sure they know.


#MakeItBlue is the global movement born out of #LightItBlue. People everywhere are showcasing their talent to turn the internet blue with videos and images, all themed to salute those working hard and risking their lives to care for others.


Show us your moves: tango, ballet, salsa or freestyle. A solo performance from your back garden or a series of video clips that we can stitch together. Just #MakeItBlue.


One for the team, or even your rivals: send us a video of your passing skills with the ball of your choice: kick-it, bowl it, throw it. As long as you #MakeItBlue


Get out those brushes and channel your inner Banksy. Your garden shed or a 21st century take on the Mona Lisa. The sky’s the limit where creativity’s concerned, just #MakeItBlue.


And so much more: Flip it, cook it, model it, sing it … whatever you do, make sure you #MakeItBlue. And share on social media.  Let’s turn the internet … blue!

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